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This work started way back in 2003 after a visit at La Brea Tar Pits, a geological area rich in tar deposits where some fossils have been found. Here the new idea of black tar was born: the magic ritual of dipping domestic objects into tar, creating a new aesthetic form that crystallizes materials, exalting them under a black coating. The object is covered by the tactile texture of tar that the artist can mold to his liking. The form plays the starring role in every creation: it has the power to recall to the memory of the observer’s emotions or experiences, crystallized by the tar. The ritual consists in covering with the tar common objects, selected according to their potential vocation to be interpreted as symbols. Each work becomes an instrument to express a particular message. The covering process is obtained thanks to a high technical skill: the artist is able to control the straining of the tar in order to create every time a unique work of art. The created surface is a sort of trademark of the artist: it is obtained always with the same process but it reveals its uniqueness thanks to its changing aspect. The tactile surface is shaped by the natural light, which reflects the gloomy and matte facets and molds the work of art as a black rough diamond. 

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